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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we have been actively reviewing our agency's policy on use of force and we have done some restructuring. >>reporter: four months after two alameda counties sheriff's deputy caught on video beat ago publicly for the first time about the case.
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good evening. >> tonight two deputy are accused of excessive use of force. a third is accused of bribery to silence witnesses. the attorney for the man who has beaten filed a claim against alameda couldn't and released this image o- his client. here's melanie with more. >>reporter: the baton blow to this man lasted 44 second according to sheriff. the attorney said he suffered a concussion and multiple head laceration and he has fractures in both hands. >> probably the worst law enforcement beating on video that we have seen since rodney king. >>reporter: the sheriff says he has seen the video i'm not ashamed of my department. i'm sad taken this]]uv(e of event has causedtj advertise credit to our agency but i love these people like they are my brother and sisters. >>reporter: sheriff says it will be incumbent on deputy weaver and santa maria on administrative leave to justify each and every strike.
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initially it seemed none of the sheriff's deputy turned on the body worn camera but the sheriff deputy says deputy weaver body camera captured video turned over to the san francisco da office. >> it was consistent with the video shown in the alley. >>reporter: the attorney say the deputy had the chance to review the surveillance video and rewrite the reports. a point the sheriff con first, the attorney says another deputy robbed him of the gold chain. money. cigarettes to give to witnesses to silence them. >> that allegation is true that's one of the most horrific things i ever heard. >> reporter: the sheriff says third unnamed deputy on administrative leave in connection with the alleged bribery has approximately 20 years with the department. in an e mailed statement san francisco public defender writes steal bribing witnesses camera that describe as calculated conspiracy among nearly a dozen deputy. >> item now more important than ever for the district attorney to bring charges depends these officers. the san francisco da office
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says it's unable to comment on an ongoing investigation. in alameda county, melanie, abc 7 news. now late today california judge officially dropped the encryption case between apple and the justice department. it comes after fbi says it did not need apple help after all to break into a locked i-phone that belonged to one of thebern. the agency is not saying how they got into the phone but forbes magazine says the israeli company celebrate sold software to the fbi to unlock the phone. the company provided this video showing how the software is used. record show the fbi paid 21 218,000 dollars to celebrate on the same day the government said it unlocked the phone. so what does this mean? does it mean all of our i phones can now be hacked. here's pierre thomas. >>reporter: the break which allow the fbi to open the i-phone of one of the san bernardino killers came more than a week ago. when representatives of an unidentified company flew to
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washington for secret meeting at fbi headquarters. they wanted to show fbi leaders they had a method for opening farook's i-phone. fbi officials were hopeful. >> lots of folk have come to us with potential idea. it looks like we now have one that may work out. >> reporter: the phone was secretly flown to the fbi lab in virginia. then this past sunday the attempt was made to hack into the phone. fbi claims it worked. and tonight forensic examiners exploit potential am evidence inside. officials told me tonight any suggestion that the company helped break into farook phone are not true. apple ceo cook in recent week telling david muir that hacking the phone would have far reaching implication is. >> in this case you believe there are some things that just correct. think about this. it its in our view the software equivalent of cancer. >>reporter: but expert hacker we talked to today offered a sobering reality check about
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security. >> there's always going to be a way to get into any kind of device. the only safe electronic device is turned off melted down and buried. >> could be days or longer before we know what's on the phone. fbi said it retrieved data but so far not offered any specifi specifics. done know if agent face any other problems. this is abc news washington. law enforcement agency in the u.s. say there are more than 1,000 locked smart phones held as evidence. it's unclear if the method used town lock the phone in the san bernardino case will be used in those other cases. today we learn no criminal charges will be filed in a deadly balcony collapse that happened in berkeley last summer. 6 people died. they were all student mostly from ireland. 7 other people were badly injured. 9 month investigation determined the balcony collapsed because of extreme dry rot in the wood. alameda county district attorney didn't feel confident enough to file a manslaughter case
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said this is not a decision that i came to lightly. it is cull my initial of months of consultation with myhú team f attorneys. sergio has more. >> this is memorial of candle and picture where 6 died 7 others injured.w today decision bit alameda county district attorney'ss to not file criminal charges the is a disappointment for ashley's family. there is a deep desire for this case to act as lets son for other builders and avoid tragedy like thisy]rz from happening again. people's livest destroyedr because of malfeasanceuh because of incompetent. that's wrong. >>reporter: at the lives in the building and was home wheng0 the balcony collapsed last summer. . no criminal charges >> it's ridiculous. >>reporter: he tells me it was trauma i'dtize to goft seat devastation that night. >> do you feel safe in the building?
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>>á] my apartment doesn't havea pal coin. >>reporter: in fact all of the balcony were removed after the collapse last june. berkeley mayor bates applaud the district attorney for beginning a criminal probe of this but he understands proving the charges may not have been possible. >> it's very can i thing to prove. you have to prove beyond a doubt there is intent or such a heinous thing that it wouldn't happen because of this neglect. >>reporter: late last year abce 7 news revealed details of 13 civil lawsuits filed against the contractor on this job. the property owner and the property management company. the lawsuit allege the builders may have cut corn investigators save money. now the criminal case has been closed with no charges the information collected by the da office could be used by those plaintiffs. in berkeley, sergio, abc 7 new news. suspected gunman james girard says fairfield police shot him while he was trying to pull up his pants. not reach for a gun. girard was wanted in a shooting that injured an 8-year-old child in concord on friday.
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police cornered girard in alley at fairfield mall yesterday. they fired two shot when girard reached for his waist band. one shot hit him in the neck no gun found. the veteran officer who fired the shot is on paid administrative leave. the boy girard is said to have shot in the neck is now home recuperate jooing new effort to clean up san francisco streets is off and run with homeless volunteers leading the way. group is part of the downtown streets team. new program that puts the homeless at risk of becoming homeless to work on beautification projects and street cleanings and then access to many different services. >> put you in housing. give you permanent jobs. help with you your license. get your record ex punked. all types of things. right now help me get my license. first time ever had it so i'm excited about that. >> organizers say the program challenges team members to take an active role in their own recovery. em powers them to create long-term solutions for their peer.
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>> data shows san francisco year in a row. biggest increase for the habitual late payment of rent. ellis eviction increased allowing landlord to evict tenant to exit the rental business. eviction for breach of rental agreement went down by 16 percent year over year. san francisco weekly test of emergency sirens didn't go of emergency sirens didn't go as planned >> this is what it usually sounds like. instead some people heard sirens going off for several minutes which is what happens in a real emergency. the city says the siren malfunctioned. >> this is exact reason why we test the system on weekly basis one to get people used to the system and know what eat all about. but 2 to find out is what working and not working in the event of an emergency. >>reporter: text alert and e-mails were to be sent out as part of national tsunami preparedness week. those alert were stopped when the siren malfunction started.
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we have much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up here. >> i can tell you that it really broke my heart that night to see that l. >>reporter: honoring heroes. recognition today for the first responders at the commuter train derailment@ in niles canyon then this. >> are we going to have them start regulating the price of do nuts? >>reporter: county takes a stand on smoke. new measurescx that would make t more difficult to buyfs and sell cigarettes? >> sandhya isñ here with our they are week. i havev+ the temperaturesi comig up. >> t!@nk you.fá going beyond smarto car to? the smart streets being testedi right here in the&: bay area. >>ñ$ stick around. 7 news at 9:00 continues in 7 news at 9:00 continues in just a moment.
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you. >> good people doing great things. without hesitating they jumped into action and as a result of their bravery everyone survive survived. here's the scene of commuter train derailment in alameda county last month. hundreds of passengers on board and they were honored today for the heroism. 7 news reporter laura anthony with the story. >> i would say it was controlled chaos. >> alameda county sheriff was there. one of the first on the scene
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the night of march 8 when an ace train derailed by mud slide and first car plunged into a swollen creek. >> my thought as that we were going to be dealing with some real tragedies. but fortunately it didn't work out that way. everybody got out alive. >> the jeffrey carter. >>reporter: one by one the men and women the first responders who jumped into action the night ace train derailed came u from alameda county supervisor scott has goner. >> i can tell you that itm8 áqpt night f2). to see that train. >>reporter: sheriff's joined by fremont police cal fire alameda county firefighters. >> i needed a national three ambulance. >> we"d6y search the interior of the train as far as we could until we got to the water edge then we went on top of the train and lower a guy to check some void spaces to make sure they were clear. >>reporter: most agency don't train for the exact scenario the real life experience they gaepd that night will go long way's in the future.
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>> the biggest thing is trusting the training. kind of learning from this situation how to apply to the next one talking about it afterwards. figure out what youñf did well and didn't do well÷m1vmakhc?y3=n continue to move forward and get better on the next opportunity. >>reporter: of course this was an opportunity. near tragedy that no one expected. in niles canyon laura anthony abc 7 news. >> scathing report by the state auditor says uc officials lowered admission standards for out of state students. non-residence not as qualified asen state student. uc president ç/j5ñ the auditor misinterpreted the at that time a.we spoke to her office today. >> didn't have sound analysis of the data that we shared with them. of truth is that uc admission policy overwhelmingly support californians. >> students from california pay lower tuition than non-residents. uc system has been relying more and more on out of state tuition as budget has been cut over the years.
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>> nation highest court handed down big victory for unions ruling m against of% california public school teachers due to the vacancy left by theqd" deh of justice skaly at courtkb splt 4-4 on case that considered whether government employee unions can collect fees from workers who chose not to join. the tie vote left standing lower court ruling in favor of union. >> battle over cigarette sales has small store owners fuming and children advocate smiling in sonoma county. board of supervisors vote dad on measures that would make it more difficult to buy and sell cigarettes. special teal minor. wayne has the story. >> at the liquor and deli need and his wife brenda have 35 years invested even after all that time making approve it more difficult than ever. >> fee. permit fee and hours and competition around me. >> now at actions by the sonoma county board of supervisors could crack down on cigarette sales. >> the government has to pay
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for the cost of sick people. we pay for the cost of sick people all the time. >> today unanimous vote by the board to raise the minimum price of cigarettes to 7 dlawrns incorporated sonoma county and to charge store owner always license fee to sell them. city may followpr suit as well. >> then i probably won't smoke marijuanaz. >> no possibilityúv in these the the way they are doing it. on cigarettes in general. what they have to address more than anything is make the tax state wide. >> board main target youth. study show that heavy smokers don't blame us"0 say the store owners. don't legislature behavior. >> do we have them start regulating the price of do nuts you think that people in this county would stand for regulat regulating the price of wine. >>reporter: no just cigarettes for now. much to the satisfaction of many sonoma
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county parents. >> we need to make it just a little harder to access tobacco product like i said i started at 15. i took my first hit of tobacco 4 >>reporter: 7 dollar minimum would take=x effect on january 1stbw 28 twi-18 from s sonomau county wayne friedman abcuk 7 news. >>
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had yesterday are long gone and as you take a look her just a few clouds on the radar in the sierra we are still seeing some snow showers tahoe reporting some very light snow down in southern california as i mentioned. water spout in del mar and obviously dissipated once it hit land so not any damage socialed with it. temperatures right now in the 50's. half moon bay has dropped down to 45 degrees. here's a live picture looking across the east bay hills there across the bay and beautiful tonight. 80's of fog overnight tonight warmer pattern into the weekend and there's slight chance of showers monday and tuesday although not looking very promising. it's a possibility. our air quality will continue to suffe suffer. we lock at high tree pollen. uv index high tomorrow. trees oak juniper cedar main culprit as far as allergy props problems tomorrow so if you are alirj ick to tree rough day 4. tomorrow morning start out with some areas of low clouds and fog for the morning commute and then the clouds will break away
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we see some higher clouds for wednesday afternoon but then the temperatures will be going up by a few degrees. take look at the hourly temperature trend for santa rosa. starting out at 6:00 a.m. 39 degrees notice how quickly the numbers come up. by 4:00 p.m. 30 degrees higher at 69 then the temperatures will begin to drop so nice mild are day on tap tomorrow first thing in the morning though it's going to start out on the cool side. temperatures in the upper 30's tohe upper the 40's. patches of fog right around the bay and coast line. when you get going tomorrow morning that sweater or light jacket may come in handy to keep you warm. later in the day you pretty about much can get rid of it. look at the numbers comfortable day in the south bay. 68 gilroy. 69 san jose. 67 in sunny vail. high clouds filter the sun from time to time on the peninsula 64 san mateo o. 66 in redwood city. half machine bay again degrees. same thing for daly city. downtown san francisco 62. temperatures about where you should be for this time of year in the north bay mid 60's san
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rafael vallejo 68 napa scene in santa rosa in the east bay you will be seeing 66 degrees in oakland. 65 newark inland spots really mild weather 68 in concord and in livermore 70 degree ins antioch. 69 in pleasanton. temperatures up few degrees today. key the trend going right on through the weekend. you will notice on the accu-weather 7 day forecast we have some patches of fog especially(m night morning hour. temperaturesfo low 60's to mid 70's on thursday, friday, we go up a few more degrees for the weekend. it=jmiñ looks fantastic for anyk there is@ a slightñr chance liki saido it's not very promisingvé but slight chance#$ of seeing maybe a few showersn] around hee on =wlday and tuesday.t >>gñ all right. >>÷ a little small chance. >> yes. >> better than noth)"í right. >> thank you. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. crab boat finallyxn heading out to sea 4 monthsóv later. >> yes whatcc we pay for the crab when it hits the
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>> this is 7 news. >> rush is on to finally get fresh crab to bay area markets. 7 news was at pier 45 as fishermen load up the boat with trap as soon as they negotiate add price for the distribute or. they get 2.90 per pound less than last year fishermen said negotiations went smoothly. everyone wanted to get the season going after 4 month delay because of crab toxin. >> we are very excited. crab looks real is in and we are excited to be working. >> crab on sale right now at fusher man wharf comes from washington state. expect to see the first northern california dungeness crab on sale by friday. they cost you 15 dollars found.
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>> oakland police officers went the extra mile to put a smile on the face of a young crime victim. they pitched in and bought a new bicycle for 11-year-old girl. police5errested her father 5 years ago when domestic violence incident. he was released last week and police arrested him again. officers wanted to do something positive for the girl after what happened. they delivered the bike last tonight and youw can see pretty darn happy. police say the bike doesn't solve everything but shows her and her mom kindness does exist really nice. >> up nechblingts the race for the white house. sonld trump campaign manager has been charged with battery. new video from trump own hotel showing the incident. >> also why authorities now describing the hijacking of egyptair plane as less of act of terrorism and more like family feud. >> sir elton john sued by decorated police officer. what he claims the singer did. >> stay right here another half s.
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>> politic donald trump campaign manager cory now facing criminal charges of battery for allegedly grab ago reporter at campaign event. >> police release this new bird eye view of the incident. the reporter michelle field filed a criminal complaint. there was a different version of what was going on at the moment. >> here's john thon karl. >> i stick up for people when people are unjustly accused. in my opinion unjustly accused. >> donald trump on defense showing support for campaign manager cory who is now charged with battery. >> new footage from trump own
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hotel appears to support reporter michelle fields account that she was grabbed by cory. >> she's grabbing me. he walks in to stop it. i stick up for people when i would have loved to have fired much easier than talking to you all night long. >> they took aim at the campaign culture. >> think there is no place in politic foreign sult for personal attack going to the gutter and there should be no police for physical violence either. >> want to give people the benefit of the doubt but when you see things that are pretty clear from what i understand the video is clear of course would i fire him. >> even the democrat contract weighed in. hillary clinton also blaming the g.o.p. front runner. >> i think thaevr candidate has to be responsible for what happens in the campaign. ultimately the responsibility is mr. trump. >>reporter: and in an interview on cnn bernie sanders seemed pointed to trump tone. >> what has concerned me very much about donald trump is the
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edginess of call for violence around the campaign but my . >>e# abc news washington. >> jeb bush and chris christie ty officially removed from the republican party presidential primary ballot in california. two former candidate filed affidavits with the secretaryiv of state. florida senator rubio has also made the request to have his name removed. candidates have until 5:00 p.m. this friday to file papers if they don't want to be on the ballot. california primary election is june 7. >> today mark 1 week since the terrorist attack in brussels. suicide bombers killed 32 people in both the airport and subway. metro service resumed. soldiers were posted in the station and the station that was hit by suicide bomber remains closed. 90 people are still hospitalized nearly half of them are still in intensive care. brussels newspaper publish photo taken in the brussels airport showing the daniel caused by the attack.
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departure hall nearly unrecognizable by the bombings with torn wall panel and crumbling chunks of sheet rock. >> man described as psychologically unstable hijacked a flight from egypt to cypress today and threatened to blow it up. but his explosive turned out to be fake and turned out to be more of a family feud than any kind of active terror. hijacker appeared at airport security checkpoint this morning in egypt a little later police say the this man hijacked the plane headed for cairo diverted to cypress where it landed safely. most passengers released during a stand off that lasted for hours. one passenger escaped through cockpit window. in the end police took him into custody on the runway. investigators say he made demands during the standoff that incoherent. >> investigation under way tonight after fiery traffic accident in southern californi california. good samaritan rushed in to help. one of them jumped on top of a burning car with two people trapped inside.
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detectives are trying to see if street racers triggered it all. here's more from clayton. >>reporter: dramatic video taken moments after a car and bus collide in los angeles. the crash spark as chain reaction leaving multiple cars mangled. police officers and good samaritan leap into action prying people out of the wreck. moment later the car and bus ignite. now fully engulfed in flames. >> oh, wow! >>reporter: driver of this mir said suffers third degree burn burns. miguel helped rescue him. >> he wasn't showing no signs of life. >>reporter: although this is a ;ó)agedy it could have been much much worse. >>reporter: police now investigating the cause of the crash. some witness say a growing problem is to blame. street racing. last year this car spun out of control. plow go through a crowd of spectators at drag race.
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killing two. tonight 7 people are recoverin recovering. >> everybody in the area stopped what they were doing and ran to0h help e-thanks to te quick actions of heroic strangers. clayton sand el abc news los angeles. >> deck ate areed los angeles police captain mean time is suing elton john claiming he was repeetdly groped by the singer. the captain says it happened in early 2014 while he was working off duty with the singer security detail. he also says sir elton made sexually suggestive comments. an attorney for elton john denied the allegations and says the law south was brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking undeserved payment. >> when we come back in. remembering patty duke. >> young actress who became america youngest oscar winner. america youngest oscar winner. back in a moment
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tonight we remember patty duke. child star who became the youngest oscar winner at the time. she played helen keller in the miracle worker. generation came to know her for her own tv show and millions were helped by her work on benefit of the mentally ill. here's david muir. >> born ann marie duke in 1946 pat c duke started acting in just grade school. >> look terrific jimmy. >> she would earn critical acclaim as a teenager playing helen keller alongside ann bancroft in the miracle worker. >> winner is patty duke. >> shedemy award for the role at just 16 years old. at the time youngest actor ever to win an oscar. young actress making her way to the stage with to make perhaps the shortest acceptance speech
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ever. >> thank you. >>reporter: only a year later getting her own tv series the patty duke show. playing two identical but different cousin cousins. >> nominated for emmy at goalen globe with dual role. >> justúh a year after the seris wrap patty duke depart from the sweet heart image with the role of troubled young hollywood actress in valley of the doll. >> oh, yes. yes yes. i'm a big star. >>reporter: she would break barrier later in life, too. revealing she privately battled bipolar disorder and depressio depression. she spoke out to help people suffering from mental illness when so few people did. her son tonight hosting this photograph in his mother's arms
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writing simply i love you mom. >> patty duke was 69 years old. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. sandhya right back with the forecast. >> and the new high tech fun you fine at at&t ballpark this you fine at at&t ballpark this year (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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9,b billion dollars. that's the amount of tourism revenue and spending in san francisco last year. san francisco travel association released the 2015 economic figure. today the at the 11th annual visitor industry outlook and marketing conference. record 24.6 million people visited the city last year
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which supported tens of thousands of jobs in the tourism industry. >> tourism is no. 1 economic driver has over 91,000 jobs socialed with hospitality and the hotels and i think our city continues to be attractive and doing the kind of infrastructure work to plan for the future. >> travel association says the conference is a way to figure out how to grow all the numbers benefit all san francisco. we all know cars get smarter but what about the roads they drive on. >> jonathan went to the bay area city where the streets are getting smarter, too. >> sunnyvale prided itself on innovative city. >> there is a laboratory for innovative vehicle. >> and several of those company here in sunny veil, nissan, tesla. >> nissan now part of partne partnership with the city and local start up so far i. they build cars that talk to each other to avoid accidents. >> running on the box
9:46 pm
ahead or behind you is in imminent threat. >> warn you before you rear end some one. it's job is to look three second into the future. could also talk to traffic signals. that's what this box is about. if a driver business to run a red light. >> it could adjust the signal light to stop other course without the technology from going through the intersection. >> sunnyvale installed the box handful intersection around town but ultimately every light to caulk to the car could it prevent more than accidents. could prevent traffic jams. >>reporter: has to do with traffic flow and the timing of light should be to let traffic flow smoother. >> lights on the fly when traffic backed up and when it's not. >> when you are the only car on the road and come up to a light and goes red why does it turn green now it's already green by the time the car got there. >> same display that warns you about hazard could also tell but the light you are sitting
9:47 pm
at. >> so you would know how long the light is going to stay red. >> regulators require the radio new cars as soon as 29 twi-19 and if even 10% of vehicle have them safari predict it could help traffic and sell radio kits for older cars in hopes of dr. matcly reducing crashes. >> save potentially 20 to 3 30,000 lives a year. i am very excited about that. >> in sunnyvale jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> tomorrow we are going to get to see if a march miracle paid off in the sierra. department of water resource will conduct new critical snow survey. look at the snow survey from april first last year there was no snow on the ground at all. remember this. state wide the snow pack was just 5 percent of afternoon. governor brown was there at the time that day and announce water cuts across california because what he observed. this is video from last month survey which found a snow pack that was about 83 percent of average. >> not bad. but we could use some more.
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>> we have sandhya with a look ahead for us. >> yes. nothing on hot rise for the sierra as of right now but could change. take a look at the time lapse from the kgo roof cam are from this afternoon. you notice the cloud these are just left over clouds from the same system that brought us the wind. the hail and some showers yesterday. just a beautiful day today. temperatures came up from about 2 to 6 degrees and we see the numbers rise few more degree tomorrow. live doppler 7hd showing awe few cloud right now on the coast. here's a look what the to expect state wide there will be some snow showers around yosemite and south ward 51 degrees tomorrow. 63 in los angeles. mountains will see some more showers and look at the high for the bay area anywhere from 59 degree ins half moon bay to 70 degree ins apartment i don't care. 62 san francisco. 69 santa rosa. 66 in oakland. livermore 68 along with san jose upper 60's and you will see mix of sun high cloud now as far as the rain chances it's
9:49 pm
just a slight chance if you buy the computer model monday and tuesday is when we have our opportunity for seeing a few showers. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and that only features spring like warmth. temperatures coming up few degrees each every day right on through the weekend this weekend expect the temperatures in the mid 60's to mid 70's and then slight chance dan and amma of maybe a shower or two monday and tuesday. >> emphasis under score slight. slim chance. >> the giants added hundreds of new wi-fi access point to make at&t park most connected stadium in all of baseball. >> upping the fan experience. part of the media open house where al the new feature were shown off including ballpark cuisine, too. >> new this year you can try pizza from toney, do nut from restaurant ritz table and this from anchor statement one of the coolest new thing don't eat or drink is virtual reality
9:50 pm
demo for fans. >> fans can put the head set on and have the opportunity to really be immerse in the giants experience getting them on the field in the dug out getting close to our players than ever before. >> the bay bridge series starts thursday night in the giants home opener is april seventh. >> already a pretty darn good fan experience. >> madison. is that you? >> that's going. >> i have to try that. >> it will be fun. >> interesting. >> hard to wear and eat the hot dog. >> you will find way dan. would you find a way. >>ex it's steph curry. he can do a lot of great things and seen them could great things this season but rarely this. >> showing up. and showing up angry. and showing up angry. sports is
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a. confrontation over dread locksd/ at bay area universityxn. this video ofsç black woman%e confront ago white student hair styleg
9:54 pm
and a half dozen animal were found dead at popular east bay marin a.animal cruelty investigation that is under way tonight. >> those stories and a lot more come up on 7 news at 11:00 over come up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel touch and go there for awhile for the warriors. >> i know. when it gets close and then. >> they kind of open it up at pit. >> i get so nervous. >> and then why. blow the game open. at the end i'll share with you the latest stat on the chances of breaking all time win record. >> okay. but first. >> highlights. >> warriors hunting down 2 records trying to go perfect at home. 41 and o and all time win record of 73 victory chance to inch a little bit closer to both mark hosting wizard then tough turn around at out why tomorrow night so theching at oracle. steve kurr looking for intensity and gets from it curry. he was fouled earlier so this one with authority. that's going down. warriors up 27-19 wizard surge.
9:55 pm
people ask is bradley beall your cousin. with moves like that why even ask. of course. bad pass turn over wizard up 9 and then to steph out of bond. impossible degree of difficulty next possession curry with the last two point game. 20 second after that. gets the rebound up the court living stochbility he throws down. tied at 44 and that was nasty. 15 second after that. item a curry. item a run. showed it to you in real time. third quarter now green make it 79-72 after 3 warriors blowing it open. 6 minute left they lead 95-76. san jose shark wait for the score they clinch play off birth last tonight and because they have one of the best road records and worst home record in the league almost better for them not to have home ice advantage in round 1. tonight on the road in
9:56 pm
vancouver. they love the road. second period brent burns with a shot. joe on the rebound. one nothing shark. remember the movie get shorty. remember travolta and danny. shark powerful and chris higgins scores on the shorthanded goal. nick tap it in and shark off the two man advantage here second of the game he gets an empty neither so the first ever hat trick for logan and shark they do within and of course item on the road. 4-1. to the pitch usa head coach said tonight world cup qualifier against guatemala mutts win 12 minute defender falls down and democracy shoots' and scores. one nothing. it was 35 minute. michael bradley call this a set piece. jeff with header. 2-nil usa opening minute of the second half.
9:57 pm
gram in traffic. and blast it home and he cap finallyd#ásr&e. 4 nothing teamw[ usa victorypy. try thisro out hereso3='y.go áujuk is in spanish+=w.m >> gianth just< release new commercial and%ñ this one is magnificent. >> this is great stuff. buster posey learning his spanish from sergio and xavier lopez. just buy the giant tickets or back to the spanish lesson which i stopped in college. i don't know. >> can't tell. >> nice shot dan. let's move on shall we? >> to the giant in the desert tonight. maybe dot whole
9:58 pm
show in spanish. viewers would love that. >> stop mocking me. this homer. i'm so far behind on this. christian and 10-9 giants. i don't know what the translation is on that. the final is we don't even get, i don't even get to say it. director even bored and jake out there. top of the first billy butler drives one to the gap. 1 nothing cubs season gray on the mound and gave up a home every right away to kyle should wart. all he does is hit hitter. was that john daily out there. bottom of the 4. russell still wish he was with the a's hit a home run. cubs beat the a's by a score of then-5. finally santa clara introduce
9:59 pm
the new hoops coach tomorrow sigh side by side was he cloned by bennett or visa versa whose the real guy and who is the fake. separated at birth. i we shall they would make the travel seen on the left there send on the left officially introduced tomorrow santa clara head man or did randy bennett plant him there. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. item worthying about. >> warriors 88 percent chance of tying the bulls record of 72 wins and after tonight because they win this game too that will go up. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again in an hour over see you again in an hour over on the big 7
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a british soldier escapes the horrors of war-torn afghanistan only to suffer a gruesome attack at home. loni: after they hit his body, they got out of the car and dragged his body into the middle of the street.


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